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Dinner At Timber Trail parwanoo…

timber trail experience

The Timber Trail Experience

I got a Chance to have dinner at The Tiber trail Resort which is at parwanoo as definitely one of a kind. Do you know they have their own rope-way through which you can go up to there rooms which are situated Atop the hill.

It was sad that I was not able to stay their but will definitely go back for a stay once I get time but  Here is a review of their restaurant where we had a lovely dinner.

Timber trail experience

The place reminds me of the older simpler times. Though it has been around for a long time but it is really well maintained. As I said before I was not able to go up to their rooms but got to experience Dinner at there restaurant which is situated in parwanoo.

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timber trail experience

1) Location 5* :

It is very conveniently located right on the main road while going towards Shimla from Kalka u will not miss it. Apart from that They have one of the most Enchanting View of the Valley. I was not able to capture it as we went in the Night.

timber trail experience

2) Service 5*

The staff at the restaurant was really courteous and helpful. they were there when you needed them and took care of all of our requests with ease. They were quick, efficient and friendly.

timber trail experience

3) Ambiance 4* :

Ambiance of the restaurant was ok with wooden interiors which gave it a bit of older look which was ok as this place exists here since the 80’s. The view from the balcony of the restaurant was awesome but it was really cold out there so we decided to sit inside which was warm and cosy.

timber trail experience

4) Food 5* :

Now the Selection of there food was good they almost served every cuisine up to the mark with Indian taste. The quality of food was just amazing and tasted really very good though at the price they are charging they should up the portion size a notch.

timber trail experience

5) Cleanliness 5* :

The restaurant was amazingly clean and spotless. The bathrooms were also clean only odd thing was I found a toilet paper roll on the wash basin instead of paper napkins which was odd but rest was pretty clean.

timber trail experience

6) Overall:

we had a great experience with great food and great service we would really like to come back and hope the things remain the same as they were during our visit. We would really love to try there rooms which are up the hill and you can also go there by rope way which will be awesome.

timber trail experience

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