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Stay Review of Ramada, Darjeeling

ramada darjeeling

The Beauty of Ramada Darjeeling

The Ramada hotel is very conveniently located in Darjeeling. It is nearly at the center and just 2 minutes walk away from the mall road. Even the best restaurants in the city are nearby. The hotel can be your best choice to stay if you love roaming around the city in the night.

1) Location of Ramada Darjeeling:

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The hotel is really conveniently located and close to the main attractions and shopping places of the city. The best part is you can enjoy your evenings stress free because of the location of the property. Even the best places to eat are closely located around this property.

2) Check in and checkout experience:

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We originally booked the hotel from 31 st may. But due to some unforeseen circumstances. we have to change the booking to 30th may 2018.  We paid the advance for the room and had a E-mail confirming the date of arrival, When we reached the property there was some confusion in our booking. Thank god we had that e-mail to clarify.

I think the dates of arrival was not communicated to the front office staff. so we had to wait for around 45 minutes to get our rooms. It is not a big deal. But, since we already paid at least a week before and got the confirmation at least our rooms should have been ready for us to check in. You don’t usually expect this kind of service from a star category hotel. The front office staff was really good and courteous. The check out experience was a breeze and without any hassle.

3) Rooms :

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Rooms were great and of optimum size. If you are planning to stay here try to get rooms from where you can see Kanchenjunga range. We were not able to view the mountains because we came to know rainy months are not a good time to have a view of the mountain range. If you want to enjoy the view of Kanchenjunga visit during the months of October to January. Anyways, the room was really good specially there luggage space. The room had all the necessary amenities and was really comfortable. Even during the rainy season the view was really good because of the location of the hotel.

4) Bathrooms:

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The washroom was clean and tidy. Hot water was good and readily available. The shower was great for the fact that it sprayed really less water but gave you the full satisfaction of a wonderful shower experience. So I really appreciate this effort of saving water which is a scarcity in these parts, without taking the essence out of the bathing experience.

5) Service:

ramada darjeeling

Service is always the main part in the hospitality industry and plays a vital role in making or braking the whole guest experience at your property.But, I can say they have one of the best service staff at the hotel. The people are really courteous and always ready to help and make your stay a comfortable one.


ramada darjeeling

The housekeeping department always plays a vital role in my stay at any hotels. I like my rooms to be neat and tidy after I come back from my excursion, roaming around or work. This hotels housekeeping staff made no exception and well maintained the rooms for the 3 days that we stayed there. I found the room to be perfectly neat and tidy before I reach back from my daily sightseeing of Darjeeling.

7) Restaurant:

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The chef at the restaurant is a really nice man. His food tasted awesome. We had breakfast which was included in our hotel stay and I can say every single time the breakfast buffet was a huge spread and a great one. We always left the hotel with fully satisfied stomach to enjoy our holiday in and around Darjeeling. During our entire stay one night we had dinner at the restaurant. I can assure you it was just awesome. The food was well cooked and really up to the mark, and yes they have also started serving non-veg and even their non-veg dishes were out of this world.

8) Overall:

ramada darjeeling
The Night View

Overall our 3 days stay at the hotel was an amazing one. We enjoyed every minute of our time we spent here. The room was nice and cosy. The people were cheerful. The food was awesome. The location was awesome. Only problem that I want to make them aware of is, I know your lift were causing problems due to voltage fluctuations I hope that is ok now because even I was stuck in it for around 10 minutes. I do understand malfunctions happen but please next time try to explain it more properly to the people staying at your hotel as I was not satisfied with the explanation. But overall a very nice property to stay in and to enjoy Darjeeling.


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