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Indian Passport holders! here are some relaxed Visa rules for you.

visa rules for Indians

In 2018 we came to know that if you are an Indian passport holder then you can get Visa on arrival or visa free entry to 59 countries around the world. The news is hardly any consolation because visa rule in many countries of Europe and America still needs you to stamp that visa on your passport before you even plan to visit them.

But amidst so much hardship and confusion of obtaining visa for your travels to the outside world some visa rules were relaxed for the Indian passport holders. Here are 12 new relaxed visa rules which you can enjoy if you are an Indian passport holder.

Visa Rule 1: Transiting through France

Visa rules for Indians


Sometimes it is just irritating and time-consuming when you have to obtain visa for your destination as well as for your airport transit. But this just changed if you are travelling through France on an Indian passport. The new visa rules states that you no longer need an airport transit visa while transiting through the international zone of any airport in France. That trip to USA or Canada just got a lot easier thanks to the new rule.

Visa rule 2: on arrival visa Oman

visa rules for Indian passport holders

It got a lot easier to have a transit stopover at Oman. If you are residing or holding entry visa’s to the Canada, US, Australia or UK on an Indian Passport. The new visa rules states that you can now get a month-long tourist visa on arrival in Oman if you reside or hold a valid Visa for any of the above mentioned countries. You will  be able to get visa on arrival for your spouse and children as well.

Visa Rule 3 : UAE long-term visa

visa rule

The United Arab emirates just made life easier for investors and highly skilled professionals. They are now granting 10-year visa to specialists in science, medicine and research and to “exceptional students” if you are an Indian passport holder.

Visa Rule 4 : The Dubai child policy

new visa rule for Indian passport holders

It is already hard obtaining visa for yourself. Let alone you also have to do the process for your children as well. But if you are travelling to Dubai or Abu Dhabi between 15 July and 15 September every year. You might be in for a surprise. This new visa rule states that you can plan a family holiday in Dubai and Abu Dhabi between above mentioned dates. But you don’t have to pay visa fees for dependent children accompanying you below 18 years of age.

Visa rule 5: Dubai and Abu Dhabi transit

Indian passport holder's new visa rules

Who does not want to enjoy a holiday when you are already on a holiday. Yes you read it right. The new visa rule which is yet to be implemented but is the most exciting will do just that. If you are transiting through Dubai or Abu Dhabi, on an Indian Passport. You will be able to easily obtain a free transit visa for two days. The visa can be extended for up to four days by paying just 50 Dhiram (Rs 935).

Visa rule 6: Japan’s visa

visa rule for Indians

The mystical land of Japan has always been an eye caching family holiday experience for many. But their exorbitant visa rules sometimes made it difficult to get tourist visa for Indian passport holders. This new visa rule states that if you are applying for a multi-entry visa for a short-term stay in Japan. You will no longer need an employment certificate or explanation letter stating the reason of your visit. This is a huge deals as it is sometimes pretty hard to obtain these letters. The only documents you will need to get for tourist visa are application form, recent photograph and papers to prove you financial ca[abilities or your affiliation to certain enterprise if you are travelling for business purpose. So pack your bags and make your dream holiday a reality.

Visa Rule 7 : Saudi Arabia women policy

Visa rules for Indians

This rule is mainly focused on woman travelers. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time is also issuing tourist visas to Indian passport holders. Including women aged 25 and above even to those who are visiting without any male counterpart. This rule will promote more woman travelers and set a scale for women empowerment.

Visa Rule 8 : Myanmar road policy

Visa rules for Indian passport holders

Myanmar is a beautiful country with a lot of history. This next visa rule is music to the ears for travelers who likes to drive to their destinations. Now Indian passport holders can drive to Myanmar without having to apply for special land route permit for entering the country. You only have to display your E-visa at the entry check post. You can easily obtain e-visa in just two days time.

Visa rule 9: Kazakhstan’s transit visa

visa rules for Indians

If by any chance you are travelling through Kazakhstan on their national carrier Air Astana or any other Kazak airline. You are in for a lucky holiday. The new visa rule for Indian passport holder states that you can get a 72 hours totally free transit visa into Kazakhstan. If you are planning to stay in Astana or Almaty do inform your airline in advance.

Visa Rule 10: Uzbekistan single entry visa

Indian passport holders new visa rules

Uzbekistan recently opened single entry E-Visa for Indian passport holders. You can plan a trip to the country for 30 days. If you are planning to travel to Uzbekistan. submit your application at least three working days before your proposed travel to the country. Now you can add another place to your travel list.

Visa rule 11: Zimbabwe visa on arrival

visa rule

Zimbabwe is making a come back through its tourism. Those who want to enjoy the adventure in the wilderness of Zimbabwe, now is a good time. The new visa rule states that Zimbabwe rolled out a list of 28 countries which can be granted visa on arrival on their passports. India is one of them.

   Visa rule 12 : Israel reduces fees

New visa rules for Indian passport holders

The country of Israel has recently reduced the visa fees for Indian passport holders. Now you will have to shell out around Rs 1100 which was previously Rs 1700 for obtaining a Israeli visa. Now you can get B2 category visa (Business, meeting, conference or tourism) for the reduced amount.

These are the new visa rules for an Indian passport holders. Do follow our blog for travel guides, tips, tricks and more.

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