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10 Best Places to visit for New Year’s Celebration in India

new years eve

New years eve day Celebration 2019 in India

The New Year signifies that the time has arrived to bid farewell to the by-gone year and to welcome the New Year. Traditionally, the New Year was celebrated on the first of March every year. However, this date was switched to January 1 as it is considered to have a more religious significance. With the growth of the western culture across the globe, New Year’s Day on January 1 in the Gregorian calendar has been one of India’s many celebrations. There are different opinions as to when New Year’s Day that falls on January 1 in the Gregorian calendar was first celebrated in India. Some say that it was observed when the British colonized India while others say that its popularity bloomed only after the 1940’s.

In this article we will walk you through 10 best places according to us you can celebrate your new years eve in India. (For 10 best International places click here:->).

01 Goa (Vegas of India)

Goa is the most happening place throughout the year but on New year it’s something special. The beautiful sky, the cool and calm ocean along with the palm trees give Goa a perfect advantage to host night parties which sees a lot of people who love partying all night long.

Be it partying in the happening beach of Morjim  or getting tipsy to the music and beats under the night sky and watch the astounding sunrise at club Cabana, you cannot deny the fact that all you party lovers out there long to experience a party in Goa! Trust me! It’s the best time of the year to fulfill your wish.

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02 Udaipur (City of lakes)

new years eve

Udaipur Being the city of lakes also known as the Venice of the East is also one of the best places to celebrate your new years eve 2018. As udaipur houses best hotels in the world like Taj Lake Palace, Leela Kempinski and Oberoi’s udaivillas you can party like king’s in these places as they have new years eve party and gala dinner that you will never forget.

Not interested in spending a fortune for the party don’t worry udaipur has to offer something for everybody you can enjoy new years eve in rooftop or lake-view restaurants like Upre, Steam Restaurant, Jaisingarh etc. or want to celebrate a bit far from the city you can visit the Ananta resort for your new years eve getaway to udaipur.

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03 Jaisalmer (The Golden City)

new years eve


Jaisalmer “The Golden City” in Rajasthan is also a very good place to visit for new years eve 2018 in India. Away from Hustle and bustle from the city you can enjoy a lovely New years eve party in the desert under the clear skies.

Famous for the Sonar Quila or the Jaisalmer Fort (A UNESCO World Heritage Site), the city of Jaisalmer is also known for its golden sand dunes and of course, the mystery of the Thar Desert itself. The clear, starry nights giving you a stunning view of the Milky Way, the slow and peaceful camel safari, the chill of the desert and of course, the local Rajasthani cuisine, make it one of the new year destinations in India where you can have the best time.

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04 Mumbai (Gateway Of India)

new years eve


While work has been keeping you busy, it’s time to set new year plans already. Get ready for the most amazing new year parties in Mumbai that sizzle with groovy beats, offers on food and drinks, and dopest DJs of the city. 

Concerts and special events featuring entertaining acts by popular Bollywood and TV celebs are as entertaining as performances hosted at open lawns and grounds. Bringing you a mix of all, most extravagant venues in Mumbai have geared up for the biggest new year bashes.

There are many happening places in the city hosting hot new year bashes each year, like Kitty Su, Hard Rock Cafe, The Lalit, and Delta House. While we’re still waiting for the city to announce its 2018 New Year’s Eve parties, here’s a list of what the city had in store for 2017’s welcome; so you get a fair idea of what awaits for 2018 new year celebration in Mumbai!

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05 Bangalore (IT Hub India)

new years eve


The year has almost come to an end and with just a few month left for the year end a lot of you might be planning for that coming new year parties. We bring to you some of the New Year 2018 Parties in Bangalore which will definitely make your coming year a thrilling one. As we know that Bangalore is not just the It hub but is known to hold some of the best parties ever. Referred to some as the Garden City, the capital of Karnataka, Bangalore, is not quite recently home to probably the most picturesque regions in south India yet additionally houses a portion of the best party goals to take into account the shifted age gatherings of individuals who live here.

This city is said to have the best night for the ones looking to spend their New Year in a grand way. Get ready to groove and dance to the beat of the music with the best DJ. Celebrate your new year in style as you head out for that perfect night. Sing your heart out or just hit the dance floor or just wait for the time to raise that glass of Champagne you will definitely have the best time of your life.

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06 New Delhi (Heart Of India)

new years eve

This is the time to bid farewell to a very eventful year, and start off the next one with your favorite people. And what better way to do that than to head off to some of the biggest parties in the city, where you can dance the night away. Delhi Being the National Capital hosts some of the Best New year’s party in India.

From drinks, songs, lights and dance, there is so much to enjoy here. With some of the most elite and expensive parties, one can enjoy their New Year’s eve either at a private lounge or at exclusive night clubs. The celebrity owned clubs in the capital witness people dancing to tunes of the songs played by the best DJ’s in the country.

You must book your tickets well in advance for these head banging parties as places are mostly jam packed during this time. India Gate, the prime location in Delhi starts decking up during the last few days of the year to welcome the next year.

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07 Coorg (The Scotland Of India)

new years eve


Located amidst imposing mountains in Karnataka with a perpetually misty landscape, Coorg is the place to be for all nature lovers.

Coorg, officially known as Kodagu, is the most affluent hill station in Karnataka. It is well known for its breathtakingly exotic scenery and lush greenery. Forest covered hills, spice and coffee plantations only add to the landscape. Madikeri is the region’s center point with all transportation for getting around starting from here. It is one of the loveliest place to celebrate new years eve with lot’s of celebration going in and around the city. 

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08 Puducherry

new years eve


Puducherry, a Union Territory, is a former French colony is one of the best places to get a glimpse of colonial heritage with its lanes having small yellow-walled houses along with French cafes serving delicious steaks.

Pondicherry, now known as Puducherry and commonly referred as just Pondy, is one of the seven Union Territories of India. It was under French rule till 1954 and French influence on the culture can be very well felt over here. The older part of Pondicherry is a stark contrast to the surrounding South Indian cities with small houses, hotels, cafes, street-side shops selling an alternate world of French to the Indians. The tourists usually come from the nearby towns of Bangalore and Chennai, whereas foreigners also flock to this town studded with beautiful beaches.

Being one of the most beautiful cities Puducherry holds the coolest beach parties so gear up for a great New Year’s eve bash at Puducherry.

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09 Andaman and Nicobar Islands

new years eve

These Islands were shrouded in mystery for centuries because of their inaccessibility. These are the paragon of beauty and present a landscape full with scenic and picturesque extravaganza. These islands shimmer like emeralds in the Bay of Bengal. The dense forest which cover these islands and the innumerable exotic flowers and birds create a highly poetic and romantic atmosphere. “Here the white beaches on the edge of a meandering coastline have palm trees that sway to the rhythm of the Sea.

Enjoy for 4 days including New Year Eve on 31st night, followed by unforgettable activities and finally exposing to a great cultural explosion of “Island Tourism Festival” starting from 5th January. Wow! What a lifetime opportunity to celebrate New Year week!
Have you ever heard your own heart thumping with mad excitement and felt blood rush in your own years? When it is just you and your adrenaline competing with nature to give you the best thrill ever? Yes. It is possible here in this small archipelago. No one else. Just you and the nature.

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10 New Years eve in Manali

new years eve


Situated at a height of 6260 feet above sea level, Manali is a valley located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Manali overwhelms its visitors by flowering apple trees and adventurous snow covered roads making it one of the most popular, beautiful and awe-inspiring hill stations in this country.

Surrounded by majestic hills and woody forests, the quaint charm of Manali has captured the world’s attention and has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. The pristine River Beas flows right through the town, creating a mesmerizing and spellbinding landscape.

Because of its Tourism Rich nature Manali also holds very good new years eve parties for its guest so gear up and book well in advance as there are lots of people out there who are looking to spend there new years with there loved ones in the beautiful snow covered mountains of Manali.

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