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Summer in Nainital : The Queen of hills

nainital travel guide

Nainital Travel Guide


Summer time is Holiday time and with scotching heat making your life a hell in the plains it will certainly feel like heaven up in the hills. Thus this makes summer time a perfect time to visit and enjoy the cool breeze up in the hills.

Nainital travel guide will help you plan your trip with ease to the queen of hills without any hassle.

Whether its the romantic holiday you crave for, or the Ayurvedic beaches and lush green Himalayas coming across your mind, our bucket list of tourist places will satisfy every bit of the traveler in you. Interesting part about October is that it is the starting of the tourist season, so you can avail the last of the off season travel benefits.

One of the amazing places to visit in summer out of many places is Nainital. Nainital is a Himalayan resort town in the Kumaon region of India’s Uttarakhand state, at an elevation of roughly 2,000 m. Formerly a British hill station, it’s set around Nainital Lake, a popular boating site with Naina Devi Hindu Temple on its north shore. A cable car runs to Snow View observation point (at 2,270 m), with vistas over the town and mountains including Nanda Devi, Uttarakhand’s highest peak.

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How To Reach Nainital

A) By Air:

Being a hill station, Nainital does not have direct air connectivity. The nearest airport is located at Pantnagar, which lies at a distance of 65 kilometres from Nainital. Most of the air traffic to Pantnagar airport includes private chartered flights. There are no commercial flights operational to and from here you can include one in Nainital packages.
The second nearest airport is in New Delhi which is approximately 290 kilometers away from the central town in Nainital. Delhi airport is well-connected to different cities across the globe. You can hire private taxis from the airport which will charge you around Rs. 4000 to 4500. If you are looking for an economical option, then you can board a train from the Delhi railway station.

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B) By Bus:

Nainital enjoys excellent bus connectivity to important destinations in North India. Several tour operators operate daily bus service from New Delhi to Nainital, which includes options like air-conditioned, non-air-conditioned, sleeper and Volvo buses. Boarding an overnight bus is the most convenient way to head to Nainital, although some buses operate during the daytime as well.

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C) By Train:

The nearest railway station is located at a distance of 34 kilometres at Kathgodham, at the foothills of the Kumaon hills. Kathgodam railway station enjoys good connectivity to important places such as Delhi, Lucknow and Howrah, with daily trains running to New Delhi.
Some of the popular trains that ply from Kathgodam station are Ranikhet Express, Uttar Sampark, Kranti Express, Bagh Express, Dehradun Kathgodam Express and Anvt Kgm Shatabdi Express. Outside the railway station, you can either hire a shared cab or board a private taxi which will take you to the city.

D) By Road/Self Drive:

Nainital is well-linked to all nearby places by a network of well-constructed roads, including National Highway 87, which links it to Rudrapur and Rampur. A 6 to 7 hour drive from New Delhi, Nainital can easily be accessed by road, with a few halts en route. Tour operators offer regular taxi services to and from Nainital, and one can also opt to drive all the way up, being a little careful on the uphill climb.

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Nainital Climate

Nainital experiences subtropical highland climate (Cwb) according to Köppen–Geiger climate classification system as the city’s climate is influenced by the elevation. The city is a bit dry during winter and very wet during summer due to South Asian monsoon system. The lowest precipitation total occurs in November with total 7.9 millimetres (0.31 in), while the highest precipitation total occurs in July with total 725 millimetres (28.5 in). Like most places in temperate region, Nainital has relative cool summer. The hottest month is July with temperature ranging from 16.4 °C (61.5 °F) to 23.5 °C (74.3 °F), while the coldest month is January with temperature ranging from 1.7 °C (35.1 °F) to 10.7 °C (51.3 °F). October is the best time to visit nainital as it is just after the monsoon and temperature is amazing with some cold during the evening or nights.

nainital travel guide

Things To Do in Nainital by Nainital travel guide

The best things to do in Nainital would be to shop, eat and sit beside the Lake! However, you have spent your hard earned money on this trip and it would be really rude if I ask you to stick merely to a short list of things to do. Apparently, there is so much that one can do in Nainital and without further ado I will discuss these activities with you:

A) Boating at the Lakes:

nainital travel guide

Include these lakes in your nainital travel guide. Naukuchiyatal (Lake with 9 corners), Bhimtal (with the small island in the middle of the lake) and Sattal (there are 7 lakes in this area), Khurpatal (the hoof-shaped lake) are must see places in Nainital make sure to include this in your nainital packages. Each lake is situated at a short distance from each other, thus it merely takes half a day to see all of these. You can decide to stop for lunch at any of these lakes as most of lakesides are replete with number of small and big eating joints. In its beautiful ‘lakes’, option of boating through yachts, paddle boats and traditional rowing boats are available. Perhaps Boating is the main attraction of the visitors coming to Nainital. The lake is the prominent feature of this hillstation. It is a fresh water natural lake & there are different types of boats in which you can sail and enjoy.

B) Naina Devi Temple:

nainital travel guide

Include this famous shrine in your Naninital travel guide of Naina Devi is 57 km from Bilaspur, 151 Km from Shimla and 34 from Kiratpur Sahib. The temple, up on a hill, presents a panoramic view of the town of Anandpur Sahib (15 km from Naina Devi) also of the low-lying ranges by the side of flowing Sutlej, in the form of Gobind Sagar. Navratra Melas are held here that attract devotees from all over India, mostly from Punjab and Himachal. Naina Devi temple is one of the most important Shakti Peeths of India, situated in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. Raja Bir Chand got this temple constructed in the 8th century. The popular hill resort located in Himachal known by the name of Nainital has been named after the famous Naina Devi Temple. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Naina Devi and is located on top of the Naina Hillin Bilaspur.

C) Eco Cave Gardens:

nainital travel guide

Eco Cave Garden is a must visit among the places to visit in Nainital travel guide. It is a series of interconnected caves that takes you back to the ancient civilization, the way early man used to live. It offers its visitors glimpse of the topography of hills. The path to the garden in very well mapped out with directions signs to different caves.The are six type of caves namely Tiger Cave, Panther Cave, Flying Fox Cave, Bat Cave, Porcupine Cave, Monkey Cave and Hyena Cave. As you enter into the caves, you feel the temperature going down its like someone has put on the AC. These caves are lighted with petroleum light.The Eco Cave Garden is a perfect place for kids and young people. Claustrophobic people should avoid. We would suggest to tick it off the list early in the morning, especially if you are in the tourist season, it gets too crowded. Apart from the caves which are the center attraction of Eco Cave Garden. You have a musical fountain which operates in tourist season only. It’s just mesmerizing to sit around the fountain while it plays tunes of far gone days.

D) Snow View Point:

nainital travel guide

Located at an altitude of about 2270m, Snow View Point is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Nainital. It is around 3km away from the town and is reachable by a cable car or rope way. The peak offers amazing view of beautiful town and breathtaking snow covered mountains include in your nainital packages. Take a cable car/ rope way to reach one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nainital called Snow View. The place is sort of miniature fun park, which is absolutely perfect for some family enjoyment. If you are a nature lover, on a clear sky day you shall be able to see the part of far fetched snow-clad Himalayan mountain range. The view is simply outstanding and the experience can be exhilarating.

E) Trek to China Peak:

nainital travel guide

Also known as Naina Peak or Cheena Peak, this is the highest point of Nainital and that is why it has always been the major tourist attraction. Today, many people trek to China Peak in order to avail themselves an extra dose of adventure. The trek is easy one, where you will pass through thick Deodar, Cypress and Pine forest. The rhododendron-strewn path is one delight for the trekkers to China Peak. The view from the trail and the top is simply fantastic; I guess the joy of reaching the top makes the panorama even more gorgeous. So, if you are in Nainital you must trek to Naina Peak for some Adrenalin rush.

F) Land’s End :

nainital travel guide

LAND’S END (2118 MT) About 4 kms from town provides a magnificent view of the plains and the beautiful Khurpa Tal surrounded by beautiful village and pine forests. The best feature of this spot is that one does not have to climb much and as the name suggests one feels on reaching the area that the end of the land has really come. Needless to say the view of the neighboring hills and valley and the Khurpatal lake is exquisite from this point. One can go to Barapathar on a vehicle and then walk about one Km. up to the spot. Land’s end is an easily reachable spot and does not need a long or steep climb. True to its name, the Land’s end is a spot that marks the dead end.

G) Other places of Interest:

nainital travel guide

Kilbury and Pangot, Gurney House, Sit by the lakeside, Watch sun disappear at hanuman garhi, Skating at Zoomland, Shop at Tibetan Market. visit national zoo.

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