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The Latest Trends in photography

latest trends in photography

Latest Trends in Photography

latest tends

This is the year 2018, and here is a list of the biggest visual latest trends to watch in the coming year. A mix of two big but opposite qualities, authenticity, and creativity, will be driving the biggest 2018 photography trends. Latest Trends also follow the idea of escaping from the news cycle and a growing sense of appreciation for global culture.

A) The Travel Log :

latest trends in travel photography

You may have noticed the growing trend of people wanting to document their travels. Now, with the advancements in DSLR’s , we have a better way to store the images because we can now immediately upload all the photos we take to our social media platforms.

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B) Creative Reality

latest trends in photography

This is a growing trend of turning a real life scene into a fantasy, blending what’s real with some imagination. There will be a reverence for the natural world. With an intense, almost psychedelic twist while using a number of different techniques including the colors of infrared photography, double exposure, software manipulations, unexpected colors or simply props that wouldn’t normally be paired together. Many of these images will be of lush, tropical, almost utopian scenes blending nature and the human imagination.

C) Natural

latest trends in photography

You will see a lot of authentic natural design in 2018, which will come raw and without sharp tech-driven edges. Expect to see more rich patterns that are timeless, including things like tree rings and marble swirls. There is a lot of focus on nature and expressing it as it is through photography.

D) Multilocalism

latest trends in photography

Travel and technology are making the world a smaller place, turning us into one interconnected, global village. People are choosing to prioritize spending on experiences and travel rather than material possessions. Photographers will be embracing a variety of cultural experiences, and addressing consumers’ deepening global consciousness.


E) Touch and Tactility

latest trends in photography

We’re seeing an incredible push toward literal connection, actual touch, and being in the same room with someone. It’s an invitation for a sensory experience. People are responding to anything that has to do with direct touch. In the visual world, it’s all about showing connections, whether it’s through images with richer textures, contact between the subject and another person or object, or people looking directly into the camera to establish a bold, personal moment with the viewer.

F) Keeping it Real

travel photography

In a world where you can easily fix flaws using filters, people have wanted to trigger their capabilities by doing clean photos that are not filtered, and this is a trend that will show up in 2018 as more photographers look for ways to produce real images that are not passed through editing apps to make adjustments. Doing photos inspired by filters makes many feel as if their capabilities are below par or not within the required standards to guarantee the production of high quality photos, and that’s why photographers are shifting to investing in quality equipment like the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 from Beachcamera.com that will help them come up with good raw photos so they will not need to pass them through apps to add filters.


G) Silence and Solitude

lates trends in photography

As we begin a new year, we’re focusing on the importance of renewal and reflection. The relentless buzz of everyday life is only intensifying our desire for peace and solitude. This is the cause of this trend of images inspired by our longing for quiet and solitude.

Being aware of the latest trends in photography will help you pinpoint what will help your work make an impact on viewers in 2018.

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Latest trends in Photography

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