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Jet Airways Domestic Flight review

jet airways review

Why I love flying Jet Airways

jet airways review

Jet Airways is one of the major Indian airline carrier. The airlines has always been my choice of flying partner. whether I am flying abroad or in India I always try to choose Jet airways. I have been flying in jet airways since I was a child and always loved there service and their punctuality.

Luckily, this time I got a chance to experience both economy and business class during my travel to Guwahati. So, this is my comprehensive experience of travelling with jet airways in there both cabin classes from Udaipur to Guwahati.

The Trip Video:

Udaipur to Delhi Economy Class Jet Airways Review

jet airways review

Jet airways has a good functional economy class. I find it more comfortable as compared to the other Indian Carriers. The Jet airways economy class also has a bit more leg room as compared to other Indian Carriers. Here is a comprehensive review of the Jet airways Economy class from Udaipur to Delhi.

1) Punctuality :

jet airways review

The punctuality of Jet airways is phenomenal. Every time since last 10 – 12 years whenever I have traveled by Jet Airways (I travel a lot)  not once, the flight has been canceled or delayed. Rarely, sometimes 10 – 15 minutes delay do happens but that is due to the weather conditions mostly. So I can say Jet Airways is one of the most punctual airlines operating in and out of India.

2) Comfort :

jet airways review

Economy class is just like any other economy class cabins now days, you just can’t get enough leg room. It is still way better then other Indian carriers. I will not say the seats are as comfortable as your nice sofa’s at home but they are good with enough support.

3) Service :

jet airways review

The Service is exceptionally good in this airline. The staff is really courteous and knows there job. The best part was even in economy when I refused to have the meal they asked if I want something else so politely that I was not able to say no anymore. So I really like their staff and Services.

4) Food :

jet airways review

The Food in the Economy class is ok. They have changed their veg menu and have included Samosa(An Indian street Snack) which is really good. I usually prefer non-veg so I normally go with there wraps on board. The economy meal includes one snack(veg/non-veg), chocolate, sweet, and a tamarind toffee. Overall the food is filling and  ordinary in taste.

5) Cleanliness :

jet airways review

One cannot be fussy about the cleanliness in a plane. No airplane in the world is hygienically clean. I have seen ups and downs with the cleanliness of jet airways as well. Some of the planes are spotlessly clean while some are not but overall I found their airplanes neat and tidy.

6) Overall :

jet airways review

The overall economy cabin experience is good in jet airways flights, you have ample space as compared to other economy classes, good food, cheerful and helpful staff and amazing pilots who really fly the airplanes comfortably. I have flown with them form Delhi to Newark in there airplane in the Economy class and I can say even that was quite comfortable. Would, really want to try there International Business class someday.

Delhi to Guwahati Business Class Jet Airways Review

If you love to travel like me and prefer to fly as your means of travel then you must have dreamed  to always travel in business class or at least hope to get business class upgrade whenever or wherever you are travelling. Why, I am saying this because travelling business class or even Ist class is an experience of its own which one must have in there lifetime.

So, while I was travelling to Guwahati I did not know that a pleasant surprise was waiting for me at Delhi airport. As soon as I was boarding my flight, I got upgraded to business class for the better and longer part of the journey. It is not that I got to travel first time in business class. I have traveled before but getting an upgrade is always a great and warm surprise that also when you have to cover the longer leg of the journey.

So, here is my comprehensive review of my domestic business class travel experience from Delhi to Guwahati.

A) Check in Experience:

jet airways review

The check in Experience as a Business class ticket holder or jet airways gold member is always a breeze. You don’t have to wait in long ques at the check in counters you bags are handled and tagged quickly and you are on your way to the security check before you even know it.

B) Baggage Allowance:

jet airways review

Packing your bags is one of the most difficult things I have to do when I am going with family on a vacation specially on a flight. No matter what happens you can never get enough weight to carry all your necessities on a flight. when you are going on a trip there is always some stuff you have to leave behind.

Now, with a business class ticket  you really get a lot of extra baggage allowance which is like winning a lottery for me, and with a jet-privilege Gold card  you even get that extra 10 kg baggage allowance.

So, I was able to carry the extra weight worry free on my travel from Delhi to Guwahati because of the Gold card membership.

c) The Buissness class Cabin:

jet airways review

The Jet Airways business class domestic cabin does not have that wow factor, instead it is just functional. The cabin mostly has 6 or 4 seats which are basically like a big sofa with a good recline angle.

The buttons on the seats are hydraulic I guess, as setting up the seat up to your preference seating position is quiet a job.

D) The Cabin Crew:

jet airways review

As soon as you enter the cabin you are greeted with the smiling faces of the crew, in business class the service starts as soon as you are seated. They present you with a non-alcoholic beverage and some cold towels, which was quiet refreshing as it was really hot outside.

The cabin crew of jet airways are really one of a kind, they are helpful, well trained and looks after all of your needs on the ground as well as in the air. The courteous cabin crew is one of the main reason I travel with jet airways most often.

E) Comfort:

jet airways review

Jet Airways business class seats are quiet comfortable for this short haul domestic flights. You can comfortably spend 2-3 hours in these seats they are not flat bed seats which you see in every business class cabin now days but they have ample space to recline and make you feel comfortable.

The leg room is good so you can easily stretch your legs and do not feel cramped up. The seat does not have any advance functions but just normal hydraulic functions for the adjustments like reclining, lumbar support etc.

F) Food Menu:

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The Food served on this flight was excellent. First of all you get the full service on a business class seat with all the shenanigans. There is bone china crockery, metal cutlery and a full menu with main course and sweets.

The food was good and fulfilling. The service was great and the coffee was amazing. Overall, the dining experience was one of a kind at 40000 feet above the sea level.

G) Cleanliness

jet airways review

The cabin  looked clean there was no odd smell, even the plush pillow looked tidy and well maintained. So, I can say that it might not be the cleanest place to be in but it was definitely not a bad place to breathe and eat.

H) Overall:

jet airways review

Travelling Jet Airways business class from Delhi to Guwahati was an amazing experience. The time passed without realization and I reached my destination without any discomfort. Overall, It was a great experience, with great service, amazing staff and experienced pilots.

I always recommend  travelling jet airways domestically within India they are punctual, polite and have best in class crew members.


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