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Amazon Echo now in India

amazon echo app


Amazon Echo


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Amazon Eco and Amazon Echo app

As purely a Bluetooth speaker, the Amazon Echo and amazon Echo app Alexa leaves a lot to be desired. Paired with a natural, engrossing AI, however, Amazon’s grand experiment in artificial intelligence is one of the most interesting gadgets of recent years. Buy Amazon Echo Now :–>

      FOR                                                                                                AGAINST

  • Intelligent voice recognition                                    Caters to Prime
  • Large ecosystem and growing                               Lackluster sound quality
  • Well built                                                                            Multi-user support lacking

Amazon Echo and amazon Echo app Alexa(shortened and referred to as Echo) is a brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon.com. The devices connect to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa, which responds to the name “Alexa”. This “wake word” can be changed by the user to “Amazon”, “Echo” or “Computer”. The device is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic and other real time information. It can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation hub.

The Amazon Echo and amazon Echo app Alexa was the device that kicked off Amazon’s voice-activated smart home ambitions, and although the company is constantly expanding the lineup the Echo is still the core of the lineup.

After all, the original Echo is still receiving new functionality on a regular basis, and will even be getting some of the new functionality coming to the Echo Show, including voice calling and messaging.It’s clear that Amazon Echo is something you don’t know you want until you have it, and something you don’t miss until it’s gone.

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amazon echo app


It’s easy to mistake the Echo for a portable dehumidifier. It’s all matte black exterior and 9.25 x 3.27 inch cylindrical shape gives it the kind of camouflage you’d expect from an appliance.

amazon echo app

Another difference between the Echo and other portable speakers is that the Echo isn’t exactly portable. It needs to be plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi at all times. (Which, considering the six-foot power cable, can be a bit of a struggle.) And this decision makes sense when you give it some thought. How could an always-on microphone hear you if it runs out of power? It couldn’t. Moreover, how would it send your voice to Amazon servers without a connection to the internet? Again, not going to happen. Sure, it’s a hassle to always be connected, but Wi-Fi networks are a dime-a-dozen these days. On top of the canister are two buttons, mute and listen, while the top ring rotates to raise or lower volume. Aside the volume ring is the light ring. This glows blue when you summon Alexa, flashes when it is searching for an answer to your query and glows red when you press the Mute button, so you really know that it isn’t listening.

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Amazon Echo Variants

Amazon Echo is launched in India in three variants :

1 Amazon Echo Dot           2 Amazon Echo                        3 Amazon Echo Plus

Price    3,149.00     6,999.00    10,499.00
Overview Add Alexa to any room Alexa-enabled smart speaker with great sound Alexa-enabled smart speaker with built-in smart home hub
Dual speakers check mark check mark
Streaming Wi-Fi music check mark check mark check mark
Connect to ext. speakers check mark check mark check mark
Smart home compatible check mark check mark check mark
Built-in hub check mark
Speaker size 0.6″ tweeter 2.5″ woofer, 0.6″ tweeter 2.5″ woofer, 0.8″ tweeter
Device size 32 x 84 x 84 mm 148 x 88 x 88 mm 235 x 84 x 84 mm
Device weight 163 g 821 g 954 g



More About Echo :

  • The Amazon Echo and amazon Echo app Alexa-a cloud-based voice service-to play music, set alarms and timers, provide information, check your calendar, weather, and sports scores, manage to-do and shopping lists, control smart home devices, and more-instantly.
  • Just ask for a song, artist, or genre and it can play music from your favourite services like Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, TuneIn, and more.
  • Powerful speakers that fill the room with immersive, 360° omnidirectional audio, and deliver crisp vocals and dynamic bass response.
  • With seven microphones, beam-forming technology, and noise cancellation, Echo hears you from any direction- even in noisy environments or while playing music.
  • Just ask Amazon Echo app Alexa to control lights, switches, and more with compatible connected devices from Philips, Syska and others.
  • Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new features and skills. Just ask Alexa to order food from Zomato, request a ride from Ola, book a carpenter from Urbanclap, and more.

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